Have you ever wanted to kiss someone so badly, that your skin hurts? -Touchy Feely (via seriouslyfuckinq)

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Client: Do you do lemonade?

Me: Do we do… lemonade?

Client: Yes, I was told you do that here.

Me: I’m sorry, this is a graphics and print shop.

Client: I know that. I’m not an idiot. 

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to -  

Client: Look If you can’t lemonade these papers for me then I’ll go somewhere else!

Me: Do you mean… laminate?

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What it might look like if Earth was destroyed by a black hole.

Holy fuck

Kirby no


do u ever do something mildly impolite like not give a nice goodbye or not hold a door and spend the rest of the day thinking about it

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Pizza delivery from The Sims (1) to The Sims 4!

#the sims 3 pizza delivery girl looks worn down by life#like her man left her alone with 4 kids and she got fired for going on a total fucking drug fueled bender to cope#her new boyfriend seemed nice at first but then one morning she woke up and he’d stolen everything#including her boxset of buffy#so she loses it#smashes his car windscreen with a fucking baseball bat and gets arrested for property damage#now she’s working as a pizza delivery gal to support herself and her kids#i feel for you sims 3 pizza delivery woman